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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
More fucked-up DogStuff from gleaned from Blogland:

... 05 October 2004 at 10:04

funky dog shits?....no they're fucking not
some little shitty dog owner has allowed their little shitty shit to shit directly in the middle of the entrance to the block of flats where i live.

picture the scene - i come bombing down the stairs, late for work as usual, run towards the gate in full stride, pass through it and then twist and contort into some freaky weird ballet move as i, luckily, spot the steaming turd 5mm from my foot. i consider this a lucky escape but the shithead dog owner is a serial shitter.

not 2 weeks ago another shit was deposited by the flats' entrance but this time cleverly positioned to the side by the gate post. so for the residents of 8 flats there was the extra fun of walking out and turning left to be be confronted by a shitty shit hiding behind a post. that particular shit, you'll be pleased to hear, was hit several times. the shitty owner of the shitting dog must have had a shitty chuckle at the success of that shit.

tonight i have the added delight of trying to remember that the shit is there without the aid of daylight. it's likely too that someone will have trod in it and will have spread it far and wide thus increasing the chances that i too will hit the shit.

shitty shits should pick up the shit after their little shits
SHIT! ...


Shithead Dog
...I caught Rocky pissing on the floor and I winged a tennis ball at him to prevent any more damage. Oh well. I let him outside for like 25 minutes and as soon as he comes in, he takes a piss right on the floor. This dog sucks...


... October 2002 | Main | December 2002 »

November 26, 2002
I got to call the cops on my idiot neighbors last night. They let their stupid-ass dog bark for over an hour. I have finally had enough of the yippie little shit and his equally shitty owners....

There's plenty more out there, Dudes and Dude-ettes. Go find some and post 'em up on my Forum. You know where that is and how to get there, don't you? You should!


Monday, November 08, 2004

The following is an anonymous excerpt from a blog I ran across just now. Thought you might like to join me in some infuriatedness (is that a word?)
Share the Hate!

"...Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Where There Is Much Poop

In many ways, I am not cut out for suburban living. Granted I still live a stone’s throw from a “city” and have access to a multitude of cityesque ammenities, I live in a house with four sides now, which comes with a whole list of new things that annoy me on a regular basis. I haven’t lived in the ‘burbs since I was 17 and I remember now what it’s like to have that dynamic in my life again. Philadelphia had its share of quirks that came with city living but down here, it’s the “theeeeese are the people in your neighborhooooood, in your neighbor hooood” folks that make me want to injure myself.

One in particular is Pompus Guy who walks his three very large dogs (two golden retrievers and a doberman) without leashes around the neighborhood. I want to hurt this man. He waltzes around while his smelly dogs terrorize people and cats. He carries around a pooper scooper which is more than most people do here ...but he throws the poop in the street. Hi. It doesn’t work like that. The pooper scooper is so you can remove it, not move it to the street where it gets stuck in people’s tires. Jackhole. I’d like to ram that scooper up his a-hole.

There are a lot of people that don’t pick up after their dogs around here. More so than when I lived in Philly. People think its ok to let their dogs shit on other people’s lawns and just leave it there like it’s a gift. If I see one more person not pick up after their dog I am going to pick it up and follow them home so I can whip it at their front door… and of course deliver them a complimentary bird..."

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