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Monday, November 01, 2004
  So.... the other day the guy was coming over to do some work to the house. I put Dipshit Dog out on its tether to get rid of it out of the way. (I shoulda tied the tether to the bumper of the neighbor's truck).

Anyway... the guy leaves after he's done, and I notice FuckerDog is loose, somehow the clip opened up. Once in a while it does that. So the dog's laying in the front yard. I shoulda left it at that. But I had to go somewhere and I'd be in the "doghouse" with GF if he was loose on my account with nobody home. I loathed having to chase the asshole dog all over the neighborhood, so I got his leash out and made like I wanted to take him for a walk. So dumbass dog is all excited about getting leashed up (although he's already free and can go where he wants.. stupid ass dog!)and comes over to me. I put the leash on him and start towards the door.

This is where it begins: As soon as he realizes he's an asshole for thinking I'd actually WALK him, and that I really wanted to chuck him in the house, he goes absolutely fucking BANANAS! He flipped out! Friggin Hysterical! He DOES NOT WANT TO GO IN!! So started The Fight. He was jumping up in the air and doing backflips trying to escape, trying to get the collar off and get away! I had to grab the collar with both hands - then he turned on me! Maaaan, he's snapping and growling and scratching and fighting with all his might (now this is a hundred-pound animal, folks...) to get away. He fell on his side and got on his back to dig into me with his claws and teeth, maaan! He was fucking crazed! I fell, or was dragged, I don't recall over onto him. Yeah he got me. Scratched up both my arms, got in a few bites to my hand, too. Luckily he didn't get a good jawful or I'd have stitches right now! Sprained my wrist, and hurt my back trying to control that shithead. I finally got on him with my knees on his chest, with my full 225 pounds. That got me some control. I had to straddle that animal, full of flashing teeth and claws, and scoot him inch by inch into the doorway, while trying to keep out of his mouth and away from his scrabbling claws. When he got halfway in, he stopped the fight and ran in. That mother. fucking. animal.

So you may be asking yourself "...why didn't he just leave him alone instead of fighting like that?" Well, If I were to let him intimidate me and back off of him, I'd be in deeper shit later on. He'd be thinking he was the Boss, the Alpha dog, whatever the shithead dog people call it. The leader, you know... Once I was into the fight I had to see it through and win it or he'd be trying shit with me all the time afterwards. Oh I won it all right. He knows who's boss NOW, though. MotherFucking shithead dog. And you wonder why I HATE dogs?
I swear to GOD he's going down, maaan. Hard.

I hate dogs
This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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