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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
  Pretty much off the subject, but:

Yeah, I know.. it's been a while since the last post. I've been in my own private hell since like the last month. My dad who's in his late 70's fell down and hit his head and needed brain surgery. He just got out of rehab and is back home after a month now. Turns out he's got none of his affairs in order and refuses to do so (I've been trying to talk to him about getting that stuff done for like the past ten years), ranting that if he signs anything (POA, Will, etc) we'll be able to put him in a nursing home. And nobody can convince him otherwise. He's been pretty fuddled for the past several years, but a lot more so now. Add to that the fact that none of my sibs want anything to do with him, and that my mom is only concerned about losing her place to live, she couldn't care less about him. So Tag! I'm it. Of course if there's money or property to be had after he passes then the queue will be forming real fast for that. GODDAMMIT.. He needs to have someone looking in on him to make sure he's taking his meds, and to take him shopping, and all that but nobody is helping me with that. And I live about an hour away from him! Sure, there will be Visiting Nurses, and Elderly Services for a while but he's bucking that stuff too.

PLUS (here's the part relevant to this site) while he was gone for a month I HAD TO FUCKING TAKE CARE OF HIS DOGS!!! He's got this disgusting ancient pomeranian, blind, deaf, arthritis so bad that it can barely walk. Fumbles throught the food bowl, tracking the food everywhere, and shits then walks through that, tracking it into the food bowl and all over the floor... It looks a lot like the ugly motherfucker dog you see on my page here. I wanted so bad to put it down while he was away....You have no idea. Anyway I kept the wretched thing alive so he wouldn't be upset when he got back home. Then he's got this other asshole dog that is about 5 years old stealing the blind one's food all the time. And they both piss and shit everywhere - the big one would even shit on the couch. I know it's that one cuz the half-dead one can't get up there. And go there twice a day to let them out. So, yeah, I've been in hell, my friends -- HELL. And I have this sick feeling that it SO ain't over yet....

This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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