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on the face of this earth, I do not officially condone shooting,
poisoning, trapping, or beating them into oblivion.
(but hey it's a free country, maaan...)

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Monday, July 19, 2004
  Ok it's Saturday afternoon, I'm walking with GF, who is walking Shithead the Dog.  Here comes the girl from down the street, minding her own business, walking her medium-sized white dog, who is also minding its own business. Well, GF's dog sees the other dog and immediately launches into this fucking FIT OF HYSTERICAL VICIOUSNESS, the likes of which I have NEVER seen in a dog before, trying to get to this other animal! Luckily GF has her asshole dog in a harness with a strip thing around the nose.  GF's animal is snarling, barking, yelping, making all sorts of the creepiest demon-possessed sounds a dog can make, his back hairs all standing on end, all the while pulling and struggling  with all his might to attack this other dog, who is standing there like a deer in the headlights, petrified.  GF's dog was literally jumping up like a hooked trout, like 4 feet off the ground, and violently squirming and wriggling trying to get free of the harness and go after this other dog!!  What the FUCK, Maaaan?? GF had to reel him back in as hard as she could and almost got dragged. She finally had to wrestle this gaddamn insane animal down and sit on him with both knees on his neck, to get him under control!! And the look on the poor girls face! Horrified! She picked up her dog and got away as fast as she could.  Yeah we're the new neighbors.... glad to meet ya.  Jesus Christ!  Well, I was totally mortified, and walked away from the scene, disgusted, and left GF to deal with her asshole dog.  AND YOU WONDER WHY I HATE THAT FUCKING DOG????!!!  I HATE THAT DOG NOW MORE THAN EVER. W'e're going to get a really bad rep in that neighborhood, if that dog stays. We already DO, most likely. I hope that neighbor girl calls the animal control officer. If he shows up at my door when GF is not home, I'm GIVING him that shitty useless vicious dog, and he's NOT going to leave without it! Take him to the pound and shoot him up full of whatever it is you shoot'em up with, and get RID of that animal once and for all! Fuck HIM! If he got loose he would've torn up that other dog and maybe the girl, too! THEN what?? Huh?? THEN WHAT?? If someone gets hurt, and I end up in court over this dog, then this blog will be my proof that I have nothing to do with this animal, have always hated it,  and have wanted it put away a long time ago. GF can take the heat - Tough shit, Baby.  You want it, you've GOT it. I'm done. I'm not playing anymore. That dog goes,  before something bad happens. The hard way or the easy way, I don't give a shit- he GOES. I WILL NOT HAVE A VICIOUS ANIMAL IN MY HOME. NO FUCKING WAY, MAAAN!  

This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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