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Friday, July 02, 2004
  That stupidass motherfucker DOG!

Early this morning there's a cool thunderstorm and that shithead brave house protector dog freaks out over it and comes to the bedroom door, furiously scrabbling and scratching at it to get in and hide!! So he finally breaks into the room and is jumping all over the bed trying to hide. It takes like 20 minutes to get hime the FUCK out of that bedroom. I had to literally pick that stupid fucking animal up by the neck and physically throw him out! And to top it all off he FUCKED UP that bedroom door really bad, deep scratches all over the place.... JESUS I AM SO FUCKING FURIOUS RIGHT NOW I COULD STRANGLE THAT MOTHERFUCKER WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!!! Now I have to look at that goddamn damage for ever. Stupid sonofabitch coward asshole DOG. He's filthed up the carpet now he's going after the doors. I should make GF buy a new door (and carpet) and take it out of the dogfood money. Starve, you lousy fucker. Eat your own left leg for all I care FUCK YOU!

And in case you're wondering, I'll say it again: NO IT'S NOT MY GOD DAMN DOG. If it were I'd have ditched that shitty animal years ago.
I HATE DOGS (And I'm being nice about it)

Monday, June 28, 2004
  Well, here it is the end of June, Summer Solstice is passed, the days are getting shorter already now. I planted some stuff in the veggie garden couple of weeks ago. This garden is fenced in, mind you. I go out there the other day, and there's DOG footprints all over in the garden, and the rows are all dug up!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? Some shitty dog actually purposefully jumped over this 3 & a half foot fence specifically to get into this little 10x15 foot garden and dig holes in it!!! And who owns this shithead dog, goddamn it? No, it's NOT some other animal because the footprints are DOG! Some lousy stupid motherfucking DOG! And it wasn't the retard asshole dog I have to live with, because he's always tied up now (because the neighbors were complaining about him - they're good people!) and the footprints are too big. I'm plagued by these INSANE USELESS DESTRUCTIVE STINKING FILTHY ASSHOLE DOGS! Is there no PEACE anywhere?
The neighbor guy came over the other day and warned us that he'd seen a coyote the next street over, and to watch out for "our" dog (It's NOT MY DOG. It if were my dog I'd have chucked it in the pound years ago) it might get attacked (even though he's bigger?). Great, now I have to deal with some fucking wild ass dogs now too. But I'm hoping it'll work out like this: The coyotes come and get the shitty defective dog I live with and tear his ass apart, and then I get to shoot them for being vicious bloodthirsty wild animals -- everybody wins! 'cept the dogs of course, but who gives a flying fuck? hmmm...How do I attract coyotes? Kinda like hiring a hit-man. *grin*
This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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