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Diclaimers: 1) No animals were harmed while making this website.
2) Although I believe dogs are the most vile, useless, hateful creatures
on the face of this earth, I do not officially condone shooting,
poisoning, trapping, or beating them into oblivion.
(but hey it's a free country, maaan...)

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
  Two in one day! yyeahhh... I've got nuttin' to do....
Hey check out this song - It'll be my theme from now on:

I Hate Dogs
(Lyrics by Jerome A. Holst, © 2002)

(Verse) [Easy-going guitar strum]

Every time I see
People walking dogs
Want to pull out a gun
Slaughter them all
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
On a nice spring day
Walking in the grass
Step in something squishy
Man that burns my ass
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
Strolling down a road
On a peaceful day
Minding my own business
When a growl comes my way
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
You may think I'm mean
You may think I'm bad
But I don't really care
It don't make me sad
I (still) hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
I hate dogs
...Here Kitty Kitty

Lyrics by Jerome A Holst.

Copyright ©2002 Jerome A Holst. All Rights Reserved
(Played to a soft easy-going strumming guitar)

MAAAAN, it's been way too long since the last post!
But I think I've redeemed myself: Check out the I HATE DOGS Community Forum I've set up ( The link is on the main page here). YOU TOO can Vent your DogHate shit in there, give advice to others who have problems with a fucking dog or it's asshole owner, plus there's a forum especially for exposing what I call The Canine Conspiracy! We've all been brainwashed since childhood by the "man's best friend" line of bullshit. Now it's time to stand up & think for ourselves! Dogs are parasites, Maaaan! They don't give back NEARLY enough to society to make up for their disgusting, filthy habits, or tearing the face off of a defenseless child, or mangling an elderly person! I've noticed lately in my Webjourneys that there's a small but fast-growing underground movement of DogHaters worldwide, particularly in Europe. I've also noticed most Americans are presently cowed by the highly political pro-animal movement and are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of public derision, witchhunts, and general blackballing for their anti-dog views... Yeah this is your America folks. A Fucking DOG has the run of America, can shit in your yard, destroy your property, run right over your Constitutional right to live in peace & quiet, even murder your child, and just walk away. But don't you complain...noooo... He's "just a dog", after all. He doesn't know wany better, poor puppywuppy. THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER THEN GET THEM OFF THE FUCKING STREETS, ALL YOU GODDAMN STUPIDASS ANIMAL FREAKS!!!!
Enough of my rambling -- I want to hear from yooz all. Go check out the forum.
This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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