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Diclaimers: 1) No animals were harmed while making this website.
2) Although I believe dogs are the most vile, useless, hateful creatures
on the face of this earth, I do not officially condone shooting,
poisoning, trapping, or beating them into oblivion.
(but hey it's a free country, maaan...)

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Thursday, April 22, 2004
  There's this new TV show I watch: Animal Faceoff, it's about what would happen if 2 animals had a fight, who'd win. They make these computer generated animals using established info about their attributes and then they program a fight to see who'll win.
Anyways, last night it was between a Cougar and a Wolf. Do I need to say who my money was on? Yeah-the Cougar! A cougar can beat the shit out of a lame ass wolf any day. And I was right. The Cougar fucking TORE UP that asshole wolf!!! That was way cool! YEAHHHH! The cougar grabbed the wolf around the neck and ripped him up with that back feet action like you see housecats do sometimes. WHOA!
So I just though I'd share that with yooz all. I HATE DOGS (and that includes wolves!)!!!! SLAM that fucker down! 
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Just last night negotiations opened for getting rid of that useless stinking sack of worms!! I'm so totally blown away! I'll tell yoooz all more as the situation unfolds.It won't happen BAMMMM! immediately, but the deal's been put on the table!! There's hope!WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Monday, April 19, 2004
  Ok, ok, I haven't posted in a while. So shoot me like a dog in the street.

I got the Official thumbs-up from THL.org (thanks dudes and dude-ettes!) so now I'm a Real Hate Site!

So.... what's new in the world of Doghate? ... hmmm....lemme think.... oh yeah: DOGS SUCK ASS. Not new but nonetheless true.

Oh! lemme address the issue brought up in a response to one of my postings, that I abuse the fucking ass dog I live with: What are you an idiot? When a dog has a habit of jumping up on people, some of the best trainers in the country will tell you to give it a knee in the stomach -- THAT"S WHERE I GOT THE IDEA! And Guess What????? IT WORKED! DUH! Shithead dog got the message in only two tries.(So shut the fuck up and don't call ME an animal abuser!) But the owner won't do that, so it still jumps on everyone else BUT me. Which is fine but pisses me off nonetheless because the animal dirties every single thing she puts on --- WHAM -- big dirty pawprints on her nice going-out clothes. So she looks like hell. Every Time. And then there's the people who come over. Not that they do anymore, because of this bastard animal. He jumps on them with muddy paws and their clothes are ruined. Now lately it's nice out and we are doing some gardening. Yyyyeah... he's in the flower beds digging everything up!! I spend more time chasing him off than I do planting -- what's the use??? Forget it - now no plants either. He fucked up the couch (pretty much ate it), the table, stunk & filthed up the rug, now he's in the garden tearing it up too. And then he drags the dirt in with him all over the rug. What's the use? What's the fucking USE????

I dreamed last night that I got up in the morning and he had torn through the trash again, and there was a turkey carcass in pieces all over the rug and floor, with him laying there among the garbage chewing on part of it. In the dream I totally lost it and grabbed him by the collar and picked him up (mind you he's like 100 pounds) off the floor and threw him right through the closed door. I then skreemed at GF that he is not allowed in the house anymore EVER. Or I'm leaving and she can sleep with her precious shitbag dog.
Curiously satisfying dream on several levels....

In real life he has been getting into the trash STILL, despite my attempts to prevent it. And in case you're one of those sicko touchy feeley types saying "awwww...the poor wittle doggie is just hungry-wungry", NO he's not. His food bowl is always full. Yeah, there's always some halfassed excuse to justify his destructiveness, except for the real reason - He's fucking DEFECTIVE, POORLY TRAINED and NEVER DISCIPLINED. But Ohh nooo, that would be sooo mean and crewwwellll and he's just a poor little animal that doesn't understand.....FUCK YOU.

This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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