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Friday, February 27, 2004
  SO I put the things on the cabinet doors. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, February 26, 2004
  I went and bought something to keep the doors to the garbage closed. We were putting chairs and heavy stuff in front of them, but they don't work. And I have tried the plastic things that keep babies from getting under the sink. They didn't work. Maybe these things will.
Went out last night. I wanted to see what fuckhead dog does when we leave. As soon as we closed the door I went to the window and he was ALREADY trying to get into the trash!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
  Here's an "Ignorant Asshole Dog-Owner" story:
One summer day a few years ago I was walking through the local high school sports field with my two girls, my wife and her friend with her kids. Sharing the acreage was a woman out walking her sack of worms on a leash. So the kids were making their way towards the water fountain to get a drink, and I noticed the woman heading that way too. Well, she got there just ahead of the kids and instead of taking a drink herself, she gets her DOG to get up and she holds the fountain ON so that gaddamn animal could take a drink!!! MY YOUNG KIDS ARE STANDING IN LINE WAITING FOR THAT FUCKING FILTHY DOG TO FINISH DRINKING FROM THE FOUNTAIN! I was stunned, furious, speechless that this totally arrogant ignorant waste of oxygen woman would let her DOG slobber all over that fountain spigot and expect CHILDREN to drink after the DOG!!! My wife was even more outraged and approached the stupid bitch to get her to take her animal off the fountain, but that asshole just got pissed and demanded her dog has a right to drink from the fountain! She simply walked off, arrogant as all hell, leaving us digusted at the thought of drinking from that fountain ever again. Needless to say, we didn't let the kids take a drink even though they were really hot and thirsty.
Yeah, so next time you're in a public park and looking for the water fountain, think twice about what's been sucking on the spigot. How many fucking idiot dog walkers did you see in the park today? Oh yeah... I HATE DOGS.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
  Ok so we go out to the market, and we come home and yeah... say it with me , folks: *garbage all over the floor*. Torn up paper and stuff everywhere. So what else is new...?
You know what gets me? He waits until we are gone before he does it. You know what that tells me? It tells me 1) He knows he's not supposed to go thru the trash and 2) That he knows when he can get away with it.
He got into the garbage once not too long ago when he thought I wasn't around. I snuck up behind him while his miserable stinking drooling dog-head was in the deep in the garbage can and I put my shoe right up his wormy ass nice and hard. Bastard dog... Scared the shit out of him. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. HA! He since then waits for no one to be around, then he does it. I HATE THAT FUCKING DOG.  
Monday, February 23, 2004
  Don't get me wrong here, folks.... I don't hate animals. I like animals in general. I have quite a few pets. But dogs...dogs are vile, creepy and filthy.
Just yesterday we come home and ...gee what a surprise ! The fucking dog had torn through the trash AGAIN! It was all over the floor, all over the rug, everywhere! And GF's like "aww... you think you're so smart, you cutiee schmooty puppywuppy..." in an affectionate tone. Yeah. It's cute to see garbage all over the house. He's not a puppy and he's not cute. Fuck him. I threw the animal out. Next time we leave the house I should take the kitchen trash can and just dump it out all over the floor -- it's gonna be like that when we get home anyway. I want to set a rat-trap in the can so when that dog goes into it... WHAM!! The trap slams him in the mouth. That'll fix his ass but good.  
This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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