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Friday, February 20, 2004
  OK so I'm coming home from work, tired as hell, hour commute, snowy, you get the picture. I get out of my car and the fucking asshole dog from next door is running around the yard, sees me and stops dead, looking at me like "who are YOU?" and starts barking at me -- IN MY OWN YARD! Freeking slimey animal probably just finished shitting in my back yard. Like I don't already have enough rancid excrement all over the place from the GF's dog . So anyway...this one's in my yard, barking at me. I stomp down on the ground like I was going to chase him and he runs away. Coward bitch dog. I wish he did try something. Go on - give me an excuse to fucking strangle you with my bare hands.
So I get in the door and kick the GF's dog out. The neighbor's dog is off down the street and GF's sees this bitchdog and hunches up into this freaky position like a scared cat and starts humping the air. He's walking around the yard doing this! What a freak show. Why do people have dogs? They make me sick. One second they're licking their own shit off their ass, then they'll walk over to the nearest person and lick their face! And the response is "awww... so cuuuute!" That is Putridly disgusting. I wanna puke, maaaan. And GF's dog will go over to the catbox and eat all the dried up litter encrusted catshit!!! I've even seen him out in the yard eating his OWN days-old shit!! WHY do people own dogs?????? They ought to be banned from society except for special cases like seeing eye dogs, or Police/Military use. There is no excuse good enough to have these animals around otherwise. People should be fined for owning them, or made to pay a huge tax to keep one and even then there should be severe restrictions, like the owner must have a completely fenced in yard and the dog not allowed to leave that yard ever. If he does, it's legal to shoot him on sight. And if he gets three barking violations, he gets his vocal cords removed by court order, or put to sleep, owner's choice. Yeahhhhh..... 
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
  Hey check out the links I just added!
All great Doghate sites!
  OK so I haven't posted in a while. I've been trying to figure out how to post grafix of some reeeely butt-ugly dogs. I found 'em on Google via a "Ugly Dog" search. You've gotta see these fuckin' animals!!! Raunchy Wretched Stinking dogs. Evil and useless parasites.
I've got one living in my house that is constantly tearing thru the trash and spreading it all over the house. Jumps up on the car and scratches the paint. What is he doing ??? There's nobody IN THE CAR for him to be interested in it!! Lately he comes into the house after he shits to drag his ass all over the rug. Fucking animal leaves skid marks all over the rug. And he's always stealing stuff and chewing it up.... shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, bills/checks left unattended. Anything -- He's even chewed up an envelope full of cash. I can't leave anything around ... he'll eat shoes, clothes, and steal your food right off the plate if you walk away from the table for a second. And then he'll bark in the middle of the night for NO reason, just to bark. There is nothing outside but trees and grass and he wakes up the house at 3 AM like an asshole.
And this idiot dog isn't a puppy. He's about 5 years old and about 90 pounds. Do you wanna know how much time I've wasted at the shrink's talking about this fucking insane dog? I hate him. HATE HIM... HATE him.
We can't buy a couch because he'll sleep on it and stink it up, and put that greasy, dirty gray dog dirt/shit all over it. He dug a hole in the last one. I'm not spending good money on a couch just for it to be a big dog-bed. We just moved in to this place a month ago and it already stinks like dog. I want to lose that dog so bad you have no idea.....

This site is for people who hate those smelly, useless, dirty animals: DOGS!

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